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Security Advice
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Prevention is better than cure!

If you can achieve a higher level of security for your property your less likely to attract that unwanted attention and seem an easier target for intruders.

Dark nights mean easier pickings for burglars around 62% of burglaries take place at night. It goes without saying always check your doors are deadlocked. Any open windows locked.

Don’t leave your property in total darkness. Internal and External Lighting on timers is a very effective of giving the impression someone is in. 

Security Lighting which activates when movement is detected is of putting to any would be intruders using darkness for cover.

UPVC type doors are more vulnerable to attack when NOT DEADLOCKED! You must lift the handle and then turn the key to deadlock this type of door. (The handle will not go downwards when deadlocked).

It’s important to check that all external door locks meet your insurance company’s requirements or your insurance cover could be invalid when you come to make a claim.

For example all external wooden doors usually require a 5 Lever B.S. 3621 Insurance Approved Deadlock to be fitted or equivalent standard specified.

Wooden French Doors require key operated mortice bolts top and bottom or key lockable bolts. Sliding Patio Doors usually need an anti-lift device. Window Locks need to be key lockable. UPVC type doors using a Multi-Point Locking System ( where you lift the handle to operate ) must be working and lock from top to bottom securing the door at three points down the door to the frame and deadlock.

When moving in to a new property it’s strongly recommended to change your external door locks as you can’t account for who has had access to the keys in the past and what copies are in circulation.

Gates / Garages / Sheds and Outbuildings need to be securely locked and have an adequate level of security to meet the value of your items inside.

Vulnerable Windows and Glass Doors can have extra security measures fitted.  Window Grills and Bar Gates are very effective; various options are available made to measure. A security window film is less invasive in its appearance.

An Alarm adds another level of security to your property and is a good visual deterrent, but this alone does not super seed any of the above security measures.

We hope this advice will help you in securing your property.

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